The Premier League Clubs Who Have Spent Most In The Last 3 Windows
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The Premier League Clubs Who Have Spent Most In The Last 3 Windows

Everton and Fulham were the saviours of a thoroughly boring transfer deadline day as everyone else struggled to make much impact. But some teams have made a big impact in the last year.

Thursday afternoon was both Jim White’s easiest and hardest transfer deadline day on record. The Scottish Sky Sports News presenter and his yellow tie didn’t have much to report on but that didn’t exactly help fill the time.

At one point Sky were left to show one of their outside reporters accidentally being splashed by water by a footballer’s car on a loop every 20 minutes as literally nothing happened.

Fortunately things managed to pick up a little towards the end a Wolves added another player and Everton and Fulham then went a bit crazy and bought everyone and anyone that they could.

The Toffees picked up Andre Gomes and Yerry Mina from Barcelona whilst Bernard’s free deal was confirmed too and Kurt Zouma could still be confirmed.

And it seems that the Goodison Park side have been pretty busy in the last year as they actually find themselves in the top four for money spent in the last three windows in the Premier League:

Somewhere there’s Arsenal Fan TV members shouting about net spend and in fairness the Merseysiders are near the top for that too:

It’s not exactly that much of a surprise though when you consider that in the last two summer transfer windows they’ve broken their transfer record twice.

First they signed Gylfi Sigurdsson from Swansea for around £40 million last summer and then this summer they topped that by signing Richarlison from Watford for around £50 million.

Even with the Lukaku money from last summer that is going to make quite the dent.

Fans of Everton do need to be wary though. It was thought last summer that they’d had their best summer ever but the results early in the season saw Ronald Koeman get the sack after struggling near the bottom of the table.

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