RSPCA to investigate Lincolnshire farm after ‘workers filmed kicking pigs’
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RSPCA to investigate Lincolnshire farm after ‘workers filmed kicking pigs’

The RSPCA has launched an investigation after the release of footage that appears to show farm workers brutally kicking and punching pigs at a farm in Lincolnshire.

The footage, released on Wednesday by animal protection group Animal Equality, appears to show workers at Fir Tree farm repeatedly kicking pigs in their heads and stomachs, with more than 100 incidents recorded over 10 days. At one point two workers join together to kick a pig which screams loudly in pain. One worker prods pigs with the tines of a manure fork. At another moment in the footage a worker leaps into a pen to kick the animals inside.

The campaigners say they received a tip-off about the conditions on the farm, and placed hidden cameras in the buildings where violence had been reported. The images they captured shocked hardened campaigners. “We’re used to seeing the everyday brutality of these places,” said Dr Toni Shephard, Animal Equality’s UK director. “But this sort of violence you really don’t often see. The workers show complete contempt for the animals in their care and seem immune to their suffering, even when the pigs scream in pain. We demand that they be brought to justice.”

An animal being kicked by a farm worker. Photograph: Animal Equality

Shephard added: “Consumers can help end this cruelty by trying the increasing variety of plant-based foods available in shops and restaurants – which are often healthier than meat as well as cruelty-free.”

According to some reports the workers responsible have now been sacked. The family that runs the farm said: “We are shocked by the actions of those involved as their abhorrent behaviour does not represent our business. We are a family-run farm where the care and welfare of our pigs is paramount. We have been able to identify the four individuals in the film and following an immediate investigation their employment has been terminated.”

The RSPCA does not comment on individual cases, but stated: “Farm animals are sentient creatures who feel pleasure and fear. Like any animal they deserve to be treated with kindness, compassion and respect. We would like to reassure people we will always look into and, if necessary, investigate any complaints made to us about animal welfare.”

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