‘Rocky IV’ Voted Greatest Film In The Series
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‘Rocky IV’ Voted Greatest Film In The Series

‘Rocky IV’ is the GOAT of the ‘Rocky’ series.

One of the best sporting films to ever hit our screens.

Image: Rocky IV

The series includes eight films – some brilliant, some not – that’s including the films released post 2000 in ‘Rocky Balbao’, Creed and Creed II which is set for release in 2018.

But the iconic series is famed upon it’s first four movies. And to decide the best we’ve posted a poll asking fans to vote on their favourite ‘Rocky’ film.

With a staggering 49% of votes, ‘Rocky IV’ gets the nod ahead of the original ‘Rocky’.

‘Rocky IV’ has a tantalising story line.

It climaxes with an intense bout between Rocky and Ivan Drago who tragically kills Apollo Creed in a previous fight.

Rocky proceeds to avenge Apollo’s death by challenging him to a match.

Image: Rocky IV

The pair prepare in binary fashion. The Soviet boxer uses high-tech machinery to gear himself for the American, who trains in snowy conditions, throwing logs and chopping down trees in an epic training montage.

They eventually fight, trading leather in a thrilling back-and-forth exchange with Rocky ultimately knocking out Drago in dramatic fashion in the final round.

Image: Rocky IV

Image: Rocky IV

What a fight. What a movie.

Here are the results in full:

1) Rocky IV – 49%

2) Rocky – 20%

3) Rocky II – 19%

4) Rocky III – 12%

‘Rocky IV’ is the easily the best out of the lot, right…?

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