Referee Gets Bored And Decides To Wallop One Into The Top Bins
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Referee Gets Bored And Decides To Wallop One Into The Top Bins

The role of a referee in football requires them to manage and ensure the game is played within the laws of the game.

But sometimes they must get the urge to go into business for themselves – whether it be by tackling a player, nutmegging them or even smashing one into the top bins.

Well low and behold, one ref clearly had enough of having to stand and watch the players showing of their skills and he decided to get involved.

The video, which appears to have been filmed in Russia back in February 2016, sees the man in the middle receive a backheel on the edge of the box before he proceeds to smash a stunning strike into the top corner.

Weirdly, the opposition players, apart from a couple, don’t seem to protest too much so maybe the referee has a knack of doing it and it’s not really a surprise anymore?

Either way, we can’t not appreciate him just suddenly whacking one into the top bins and then blowing his whistle to signal a goal.

Image: PA

Only last week over in a Russian Amateur League game, a referee scored a goal in a game but this time it was unintentional.

As you can see in the below footage, the official accidently scores with a rebounded header to make it 4:2 after the LFC Manas player misses from the spot.

It looks like the referee, Atay Daudov, was injured after the incident but according to LFL’s official YouTube channel, the goal actually stood.

The Russian Amateur League posted this incredible clip on their social channels and the reactions from both sets of players are just superb. Truly incredible scenes in Makhachkala.

Image: LFL

Kiz DD, the team who missed the penalty, went on to score twice to ensure the spoils were shared in the game.

And though there’s no word on who was the Man of the Match, it surely couldn’t have been anyone else other than the ref after his bullet header.

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