Mo Salah’s Ramadan Fasting Is Worrying Some Liverpool Fans
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Mo Salah’s Ramadan Fasting Is Worrying Some Liverpool Fans

When Ramadan falls at this time of year it’s even harder for those taking part than it would be at any time but imagine not eating all day and then having to play football, that’s the fate of Mo Salah this weekend.

For practicing Muslims Ramadan means not eating in the hours of daylight for a month, thanks to a lunar calendar that time can come at different times of the year but this year it’s taking place now.

That means for around 18 hours of the day when the sun is up there’s no eating, as a man who loves to graze all day whether at work or home I can only imagine doing that, and remember my own attempts at battling through Yom Kippur.

According to, via Sport 360, Mo Salah is one of the many millions of Muslims currently taking part in Ramadan, which must make playing football extremely difficult.

That means that for the build up to Saturday’s Champions League final Salah won’t be able to eat from 5 am up until an hour before kick off and that’s worrying some Liverpool fans.

However another fan has pointed out that it won’t be an issue:

It’s also a possibly issue for the Egyptian national team during the World Cup with manager Hector Cuper saying, “The Egyptian Football Association has hired specialists to help me and the players during the fasting month of Ramadan.

“We will organize and monitor their eating and sleeping and hope that this will not affect them badly.

“It may be a problem to the coaches because the players will stop eating from sunrise until sunset, so it will not be easy during training but that is to do with the religion and I can’t prevent them from observing Ramadan.

“We are working on this and seeking to find the best way to overcome fasting fatigue and prevent it from hurting the players.”

Salah’s a better man than me, for so many reasons!

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