Mo Salah Says VAR Makes Football ‘Too Fair’ But Will Lead To More Penalties For Him
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Mo Salah Says VAR Makes Football ‘Too Fair’ But Will Lead To More Penalties For Him

Liverpool forward Mo Salah doesn’t like VAR because it makes football ‘too fair,’ although there is one reason he thinks it should be used for.

The introduction of VAR in the Premier League has already caused plenty of controversy this season, despite the fact we’re only two games into it, and Salah is the latest person to come out against it.

Speaking to CNN the Liverpool forward thinks the system makes the game ‘too fair,’ needs an edge and should only be used to ‘protect players,’ like Vincent Kompany’s challenge on him last season, which was only a booking when it probably should have been a red card.

It’s interesting that the 27-year-old is worried about the game being too fair and in thinking it will lead to more penalties for him he proves it’s certainly not an opinion based on thinking it will dampen his impact on a game.

The former Roma forward even suggested the penalty inside 20 seconds that the Reds won in last season’s Champions League final shouldn’t have been given, saying, “I love the football how it is. It’s okay to sometimes protect the players from dangerous play, but for me, I accept the football with the mistakes of the referee, mistakes of the player.

“That’s how the football get more excited. That’s how the people get more passionate about it.

“But the VAR is too fair. Last year, I had a penalty in the final [of the] Champions League and it helped me a lot. It’s too fair. We like it with the mistakes.”

The referee points to the spot after Moussa Sissoko’s handball. Image: PA Images

So far it seems to be Liverpool’s rivals Manchester City have been most ‘harshly’ punished by VAR since its introduction to the Champions League and Premier League.

Pep Guardiola’s side have twice thought they’ve scored winners against Spurs, one in each competition, only for VAR to rule out the goals for offside and a handball respectively.

The league champions were also denied a goal because Raheem Sterling’s armpit was offside against West Ham, although they still went on to win 5-0.

VAR disallows a goal for City, something that seems to be a recurring theme. Image: PA Images

The arguments for VAR are likely to run on all season but often it is the rules that are the problem, as with City’s handball at the weekend, rather than the system.

What do you think of VAR?

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