FIFA 20’s ‘New Celebration Tutorial’ Will Be Crucial To Watch Before Playing Your Mates
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FIFA 20’s ‘New Celebration Tutorial’ Will Be Crucial To Watch Before Playing Your Mates

A video detailing FIFA 20’s new celebrations has been released and it will be vital for anyone to watch before they play against their mates.

Youtube user Kazooie94 has uploaded a video including a variety of new celebrations in EA Sports’ title and how to do them.

You can check out the video here.

Staples of FIFA in the past have included ridiculous celebrations that we all know and love, such as ‘patty-cake’ and the numerous break-dances.

However the added feature of current player celebrations is always a welcome addition.

A variety of stars have had their trademark celebrations included.

Paul Pogba’s infamous ‘swagger’ is now included for if you want to look smug after a cheeky panenka.

Image Credit: Kazooie94 YouTube

Lionel Messi’s ‘head slap’ has also been added to the game for when you want to wind your mates up.

Image Credit: Kazooie94 YouTube

For a much more tranquil reaction to a goal, you can adopt Mohamed Salah’s ‘yoga’ pose to react to a screamer.

Image Credit: Kazooie94 YouTube

Dele Alli’s infamous ‘eye challenge’ also features while staying on the topic of eyes Roberto Firmino’s ‘eyepatch’ also gets an inclusion.

Image Credit: Kazooie94 YouTube

Image Credit: Kazooie94 YouTube

And finally, for the downright ridiculous.

We have a new ‘pigeon’ celebration as well as the ‘spinning frog’ which I think will be a popular one online.

Image Credit: Kazooie94 YouTube

Image Credit: Kazooie94 YouTube

Other celebrations also feature in the video such as Antoine Griezmann’s air guitar as well as Memphis Depay’s ‘I can’t hear you’.

In addition to the new celebrations, EA are introducing ‘composed finishing’ – which should make for clinical strikes on goal from attacking players thanks to various new shot trajectories.

Another fresh feature that promises to be popular on FIFA 20 is “the set up touch”, which is essentially rolling the ball forward to get that clean effort on goal.

Image Credit: Kazooie94 YouTube

Players will require time and space to perform it but it will bring out less errors in your shots.

And in another change that is long overdue, free-kicks and penalties have been given a monumental overhaul.

Budgets for the top teams in career mode have also been leaked online.

The inclusion of VOLTA is also a huge selling point of the new game, with the mode being met with praise following the closed beta.

All we can say is that with the new information being revealed on a daily basis at the moment, we cannot wait for September 27.

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