Dele Alli Brilliantly Asked What Age He’ll Be When Spurs Win A Trophy
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Dele Alli Brilliantly Asked What Age He’ll Be When Spurs Win A Trophy

Spurs have to win something. The often trotted out cliche whenever discussing whether or not the north London club and their manager Mauricio Pochettino are any good. Now Dele Alli’s been asked how old he’ll be when Spurs finally win something.

Sometimes you’d have thought that Spurs were the greatest team to ever play Premier League football on other occasions you could be led to believe they’re a bunch of frauds who have barely played a good game of football.

In between the two is the truth that Spurs are an ever improving side who could at some point do with winning something because you wonder just how long their players will stick around if they aren’t.

Of course they’ve got a few other things to worry about right now like when will they ever actually move into their new home and are they being punished in some cruel and usual way for not winning silverware by being forced to play at Wembley over and over again.

But when exactly will the likes of Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli get their hands on a trophy of some sort. In a video for BT Sport Alli was asked by young fan Charlotte, who you might have seen in BT adverts, when it will be and Alli is optimistic for the next year:

Alli said, “Well I’m 22 now and I’ll be 23 in April so hopefully when I’m 23,” but of course anyone who’s eagle eyed, or eagle knowledged or some nonsense, will know that he’s ruling out winning this season’s Carabao Cup with the final taking place on February 24th.

Of course the last piece of silverware that Spurs did win was the league cup, when it was called the Carling Cup, in 2008.

Spurs lift their last piece of silverware. Image: PA Images

Thinking about it would Charlotte have even been born the last time Spurs won a major piece of silverware?

Of course I say major because they won the International Challenge Cup in the summer, and that’s the real quiz…

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