Belarus’ National Team Have Unveiled A Giant Transformer As Their Mascot
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Belarus’ National Team Have Unveiled A Giant Transformer As Their Mascot

The Belarus national team clearly felt a bear or bird was too normal to be their mascot and so they’ve gone and unveiled their answer to Optimus Prime.

Most clubs and national teams go for a cuddly, friendly animal for the benefit of the younger supporters. But not Belarus.

They genuinely have a transformer as their official mascot and made the announcement with a pretty mental video that makes it seem like the robot is about to do battle with MegaTron or BumbleBee.

‘Vayar’ is the name given to the utterly terrifying mascot and if it doesn’t bring about some good results for Belarus, then what will?!


After all, it’s eight foot tall and got a massive sword that it could just use to frighten the opposition if things are going wrong. There is a bloke under the suit, as with all mascots but we’re definitely in uncharted territory here.

Roy Hodgson was beefing with ‘Harry the Hornet’ but something tells us that Crystal Palace boss wouldn’t fancy his chances against ‘Vayar’ and we don’t blame him one bit.

But while the mascot is like nothing you will have seen before, it wouldn’t be accepted in La Liga following the introduction of a new rule.

A 178-page document given to all clubs in the Spanish top flights stresses how they are prevented from having mascots bigger than a normal-sized person.

The whole point of a club mascot is for them to be larger than life, ie ‘Gunnersaurus’ or ‘Fred the Red’ but La Liga chiefs are clamping down and have also stopped the mascots from being visible during the game.

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