Alcohol Will Be Sold At Champions League And Europa League Matches From Next Season
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Alcohol Will Be Sold At Champions League And Europa League Matches From Next Season

Want an alcoholic beverage at Champions League and Europa League matches? Well, UEFA have changed their regulation which means alcohol will now be sold inside stadiums from next season.

Fans were previously unable to buy a drink inside a ground at any European fixture. But UEFA have amended that rule, with national and local laws now in action.

An organisation representing fans across Europe, Football Supporters Europe (FSE), welcomed the decision with CEO of FSE, Ronan Evain, commenting on the change.

“For a long time football supporters have felt unfairly treated in comparison with fans of other sports like rugby, to say the least,” he said.

Fans enjoy a drink outside the ground. Image: PA

Evain added: “It is not the sport you follow which makes you behave better or worse.

“Furthermore, the alcohol ban did not apply to VIP areas at football matches, causing a two-class society even within the stadia.

“Supporters felt that the alcohol banning policy was paternalistic, as there is absolutely no evidence or research to suggest that banning alcohol in a stadium has any bearing whatsoever on preventing or curtailing football-related disorder in and around it.”

Brilliant news if your club is competing in the Champions League and Europa League next season.

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