There’s A Spotify Playlist Of The Best FIFA Songs From ’98 To 2019
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There’s A Spotify Playlist Of The Best FIFA Songs From ’98 To 2019

Question: If you had to name your all-time favourite track from previous editions of FIFA, what would it be? For me. the intro song to FIFA 2000 will always be number one.

It’s Only Us by Robbie Williams is just an all-round classic for many different reasons, but mainly because it brings back so many nostalgic feelings, especially when those iconic floodlights hit.

FIFA 2000 was also my very first FIFA game, so that naturally plays a factor in my decision.

Sell Out by Reel Big Fish was another banger, while Stop The Rock became the theme song to my life at one point.

Other personal highlights include the 2006 hit Helicopter by Bloc Party and Jerk It Out from Caesars Palace, but there are way too many to choose from.

If you do fancy listening to all 464 songs between FIFA ’98 and FIFA 19 then this Spotify playlist will transport you to a time when life wasn’t so stressful.

Get ready to step into a time machine of Miss Dynamite, Kasabian and Dizzee Rascal.


Sit back, go and grab yourself a cold drink and listen to some of the greatest songs of your childhood. Take it away, Spotify.

FIFA is renowned for finding some hidden gems down the years. Kasabian’s L.S.F, Kings of Leon’s Red Morning Light, and, of course, Sam Sparro’s Black & Gold are three classics, but I’ll let you discover some others from this wonderful playlist by Ross Hyland.

I might have to dedicate my upcoming weeks to this, to be honest:

Go and tell your mates this a thing.

We’ve all got a favourite FIFA song, haven’t we? Let us know yours in the comments below.

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