Ryan Giggs Names Three Premier League Players Who Could Walk Into Any Team
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Ryan Giggs Names Three Premier League Players Who Could Walk Into Any Team

Three of Manchester City’s incredible title winning team would walk into any other team in Premier League history according to Ryan Giggs, a man who knows a thing or two about legendary players.

198 points in two seasons. It’s almost impossible to wrap your head around because no matter how good any team in the history of the Premier League has been previously they haven’t reach that.

Liverpool 97 points would have been enough to win the Premier League on all but two occasions and both of those are the previous two years when Manchester City have been on a level previously unheard of.

Whilst there has been great Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Leicester City teams to have won the league in the past, and Blackburn Rovers of course, none of them has got to the almost perfection of Guardiola’s team, not even the Invincibles.

There squad at the Etihad is just bursting with talent and some of the players can count themselves in the list of the greatest the Premier League has ever seen.

Ryan Giggs thinks there are three players in particular who could walk into any team in the divisions history. Talking to the league’s social media Giggs said, “They’ve got, probably in my view, three players who would walk into any team in the Premier League era – David Silva, Kompany, Aguero. There may be an argument for De Bruyne as well.

Giggs knows what he’s talking about having won the English title 13 times with Manchester United and played against all the previous best sides.

The Wales manager reckons that the Champions Leagues won in 1999 and 2008 by United keep those teams on top of City but expects them to keep going, adding:

“So the 1998/99 team, obviously United in the 2007/08 team because they went onto win the Champions League. If they keep winning the Premier League, win a Champions League, then yeah, they’ve got to be up there with the greatest of all time.”

Giggs got used to scenes like this during his career. Image: PA Images

It remains to be seen if City can once again break the 90 point barrier again next season but someone else is going to have to if they are to stop Guardiola’s side becoming just the third team to win the title three years in a row.

The only hope for everyone else is that Guardiola focuses more on the Champions League next season, or expect them to just get more and more dominant. 298 points in three years?

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