Ronaldo Confirms He’s Had Vasectomy, But Has Saved ‘Enough Sperm For A Football Team’
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Ronaldo Confirms He’s Had Vasectomy, But Has Saved ‘Enough Sperm For A Football Team’

Legendary Brazil striker Ronaldo has confirmed that he had a vasectomy after his fourth child was born but that still won’t stop him one day producing a football team of Ronaldos, if he wishes.

There’s not been many players as good at banging one in as Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima was during his time as a footballer. No one found the back of the net quite like him, he always knew how to score.

Look you’ve read the headline already so you know exactly what I’m trying to do there. Quite how you’re supposed to put into words this story I’m not sure.

Ronaldo scored 352 goals in 518 appearances in his career and that would have been a hell of a lot better if he hadn’t suffered from the injuries that rendered a brilliant career somehow relatively disappointing.

In his off pitch career the former Real Madrid striker hasn’t stopped scoring and has four children with three different women, including former wife Milene Domingues.

After the fourth child, Alexander born in April 2005, the striker revealed that he’d had a vasectomy, saying in 2010 that he’d decided to ‘close the factory.’

In an interview with Financial Times this week he revealed he could still have kids because he’s had sperm frozen, saying, “I have some on ice. Enough to make a football team.”

Imagine if this is his orgasm face. Image: PA Images

Unsurprisingly the FT article says that at the point the 42 year old answers the interpreter bursts out laughing.

Ronaldo made the admission because it seems that his girlfriend might have changed her mind about having more kids.

Right now the former Barcelona forward has two boys and two girls so he’d have to go someway before having a whole team of either, although players can play mixed football up until 18.

Or maybe it’s closer to this? Image: PA Images

In the interview the 2002 World Cup winner admitted that before the final against Germany he was worried that he would fall ill, like the seizures that stopped him playing in the final in 1998 against France.

The three time FIFA World Player of the Year explained how he used Dida to keep him awake, saying, “In the final in Yokohama, the match was at eight at night, the same time as it was in Paris. After lunch, everybody went to sleep and I [thought], ‘I don’t want to sleep, f***.’

“I was looking around for some people to talk to and I found Dida, who was so sleepy. I said, ‘No, you, please stay with me’ . . . I didn’t sleep that day, afraid something should happen again . . . Dida stayed with me the whole time.”

Ronaldo’s career might have been short but he still saw, conquered and then came- lots of times, into a tub…

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