Punter Wins Ridiculous Bet After Surprise Angelo Ogbonna Opener
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Punter Wins Ridiculous Bet After Surprise Angelo Ogbonna Opener

Whilst the rest of us are busy losing bets that are guaranteed to come in as dead certs there’s always one guy winning a bet that has absolutely no right to come in, that happened because of Angelo Ogbonna’s goal today.

How did your bets do this weekend? I missed out on winning £200 off a £1 bet because RB Leipzig hate me. I’ve taken Serge Gnabry off my Christmas Card list for those wondering.

One match that really had the chance to be a coupon buster what Manchester City vs West Ham. A City team rampant in the league and looking like no one could beat them vs David Moyes Hammers who look barely capable of putting two passes together.

Silva celebrates his surprisingly late winner for City, it could have been an embarrassing result. Image: PA Images.

However if it wasn’t for David Silva’s late winner then Moyes’ side might have picked up an unlikely point and that was after Angelo Ogbonna had given them a first half lead.

One punter won himself a tidy sum after somehow backing Ogbonna to head home the opener:

Ogbonna heads West Ham into a lead that surprised us all. Image: PA Images.

Thinking that West Ham would score at all looked mental in itself, never mind imagining that they’d open the scoring against a side high flying at the top of the Premier League.

Perhaps the most incredible part of it all is betting on the Italian to be the first goalscorer, in 55 previous Premier League games he’d never bagged for West Ham. What’s more is that in 312 career games he’s only scored for times.

Ogbonna actually scored in a recent EFL Cup game. Image: PA Images.

After I got screwed over by RB Leipzig’s ineptitude and this guy won on that bet you can be certain I’ll be putting all my life savings on Phil Jones to score a hat-trick against Manchester City next week. Then again, can I afford to lose that tenner?!

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