Neymar Has Rolled Out Of The World Cup After Defeat To Belgium
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Neymar Has Rolled Out Of The World Cup After Defeat To Belgium

Neymar’s second World Cup will be remembered for his diving, rather than his performances on the pitch.

The world’s most expensive player scored twice in the group stages as he looked to erase memories of four years ago, where he suffered a horrible injury in the quarter finals against Colombia.

But the PSG man didn’t quite deliver. In fact, he spent most of his time in Russia on the floor, diving and rolling all over the place in games in an attempt to con the referee.

It’s prompted some football coaches to invent the ‘Neymar drill’ – where they simply shout his name and the entire kids team hurl themselves to the deck.

Going into Friday’s game, it had emerged that the former Barcelona man had spent 14 minutes on the floor during the tournament – and that number will have surely gone up after his theatrics in the quarter final defeat to Belgium tonight.

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His act of simulation as he looked to win a penalty when Marouane Fellaini made no contact with him whatsoever in the penalty area, was utterly pathetic.

While one cannot deny he’s one of the very best players in world football, and someone who boasts supreme technical ability, it’s no wonder he’s so universally disliked with the way he conducts himself.

Neymar will now be joining Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in heading home from the World Cup and it’s safe to say that a lot of people will be very happy to be see the back of him.

So all in all, a tournament to forget for the 26-year old. It promised to be a World Cup where he cemented himself as a legend, instead he’s merely become a meme.

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