Muay Thai Boxer Suffers Horrific Injury After Brutal Elbow To The Skull
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Muay Thai Boxer Suffers Horrific Injury After Brutal Elbow To The Skull

A Muay Thai boxer has gone viral after images emerged of a brutal head injury sustained during a fight.

The incident took place when Jeremy’s opponent landed a big elbow during the bout at the Patong Stadium on Monday night. As you can clearly see in the below images his head was fractured, but remarkably he kept on fighting and never felt dizzy.

Jonny Betts, who trains at the Tiger Muay Thai gym in Phuket, posted images of the injury to Facebook, saying: “Bit of a nasty injury caused by a big elbow on Monday night at Patong stadium. He had surgery last night, wish him a quick recovery!”

Although we know little about the fighter, it has been confirmed that Jeremy from France is now out of hospital following the surgery to fix the fracture with a titanium plate.

Incredibly and thankfully, no brain injury was sustained.

Jonny Betts, who trains in the same gym as Jeremy in Thailand, told SPORTbible that the fight was eventually stopped by the referee:

“It happened in a professional Muay Thai fight at a local stadium. His Thai opponent landed a big elbow strike that caused the injury.

“He was fine though. He wasn’t wobbled and kept fighting, but the referee stopped the fight to get a doctor to look at the injury and the doctor obviously stopped it right away.”

As we mentioned earlier, Jeremy was released from hospital on Wednesday afternoon following surgery and now has a titanium plate in his head following the fracture.

The fact that he wasn’t even dizzy after the blow is rather incredible.

Jeremy’s head injury began to circulate on Thursday and picked up over 1,500 shares on Facebook, with the images eventually reaching Twitter and Instagram, with many sending their best wishes to the French fighter.

We’re just glad Jeremy is alive and well after this incredibly lucky escape.

If you want to follow Jonny Betts’ Muay Thai journey, follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

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