MMA Fighter Jorge Kanella Has Point Deducted For Illegal ‘Toe Butt Kick’
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MMA Fighter Jorge Kanella Has Point Deducted For Illegal ‘Toe Butt Kick’

There’s going toe-to-toe with an opponent, and then there’s literally putting your toe…well.

In an unusual set of circumstances, Brazilian fighter Jorge Kanella brought a halt to proceedings at Bellator 223 when he aimed a low kick at opponent Alfie Davis.

And when I say low kick, I mean a REALLY low kick.

The British fighter lay on the canvas when out of nowhere the 32-year-old decided to kick him in the anus.

Accidentally or not, his unorthodox ‘butt kick’ left the British fighter in a state of real discomfort.

Moments later referee Kevin MacDonald deducted a point from the Brazilian as viewers around the world watched on in disbelief.

Davis, despite having his butt kicked, went on to win the bout via unanimous decision.

But the main talking point after the fight was that kick.

After the bout, Kanella insisted that his opponent was ‘faking it to get a point deducted’ in the third:

“I kicked his butt, and that’s normal. That’s not illegal,” Kanella said via MMA Junkie.

“If you watch the video, I didn’t kick him where he says it was. Watch the video, I kicked his butt. He was faking it to get a point deducted, and it worked.”

Davis, on the other hand, took the kick in good spirits:

“It was like, the bum, right at the bottom of the balls,” Davis said via MMAjunkie.

“If you’re standing up with someone on the floor, you do not go straight line like that.

“You’re never taught that because it’s a foul…It slid up. So when I stood up, it was right in the gooch. It’s normally pleasurable for a man, isn’t it? The gooch.

We all enjoy the gooch, but not when you’re getting kicked straight in it.

Well that was toe-tally unnecessary.

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