FIFA Ultimate Team Player Finds Cristiano Ronaldo In A 5k Silver Pack
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FIFA Ultimate Team Player Finds Cristiano Ronaldo In A 5k Silver Pack

When it comes to terrible pack luck on FIFA Ultimate Team, you’ll struggle to find anyone who gets close to yours truly.

After opening around 500k coins worth of packs this year, I’ve somehow managed to pack Olivier Giroud, Tom Heaton and in form Łukasz Fabiański.

On the other end of the spectrum one lucky FIFA player has managed to do the unthinkable and find Cristiano Ronaldo in a Silver pack. You don’t believe me? Then watch the footage below.

Credit: MattHDGamer

YouTuber MattHDGamer made a video on the pack opening as ‘Hunters’, who has a record of 60-1-68, somehow found the Real Madrid forward in a 5k pack.

Ronaldo, who is currently worth around 1.8 million coins on the Ultimate Team market, is one of the rarest players in the game and the chances of getting him in a gold pack are extremely unlikely.

So to pack him in a 5k Silver pack is unheard of.

Here’s the full clip of Matt talking about the greatest silver pack of all time:

In other news, spending money on FIFA could be a thing of the past after reports surfaced that FIFA Ultimate Team packs could be banned as they are considered gambling.

According to the Belgian gambling commission ‘loot boxes’ like those used in Overwatch and Star Wars Battlefront II are gambling, saying, “The mixing of money and addiction is gambling.”

Image: MattHDGamer

Ultimate Team packs would come under a similar umbrella with players not knowing what is coming in each pack.

Belgium’s Minister of Justice Koen Geens agreed with the verdict of the gambling commission adding, “Mixing gambling and gaming, especially at a young age, is dangerous for the mental health of the child.

Mr Geens hopes to work with the European Union authorities to try and ban games from making money off punters by selling the chance to improve in the game in exchange for money.

Image: EA Sports

Let us know your luckiest FIFA Ultimate Team pack ever in the comments section below.

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