Fans Think Bernardo Silva Dribbled Past Virgil Van Dijk In Nations League Final
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Fans Think Bernardo Silva Dribbled Past Virgil Van Dijk In Nations League Final

Has anyone mentioned that no player has dribbled past Virgil van Dijk this season? It’s come up once or twice before but some fans think that came to an end thanks to Bernardo Silva.

Virgil van Dijk has a pretty decent claim to winning this year’s Ballon d’Or, when the award is handed out later this year, having helped Liverpool to their Champions League success last month.

The defender has been the most influential player in making the Reds such a good side and he was also instrumental in Netherlands run to the final of the Nations League.

That run ended with defeat to Portugal on Sunday evening and some fans think it’s not the only run that was ended by the hosts.

It’s been well publicised that Van Dijk has gone all season without being dribbled past but did Bernardo Silva manage it in the final?

Silva is certainly dribbling at Van Dijk and definitely gets away from him with the ball but does he actually dribble past the Liverpool centre half?

It looks more like he cuts back inside the former Celtic player and whilst he gets past him in a way it’s not sure whether that counts.

The stat itself might be a bit false in the first place because it doesn’t include times when Van Dijk has fouled a player in the act of them going past him.

Whether the Silva moment did end Van Dijk’s run or not is debatable but some are wondering whether the City midfielder should also be being considered as a Ballon d’Or winner.

Van Dijk had overtaken Lionel Messi as the favourite for the award before the final but with Portugal winning the title and Silva winning the domestic treble in England perhaps it should be he who takes the most prestigious title in world football.

Did Silva end the Van Dijk streak?

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