EA Sports Release New And Improved Career Mode For FIFA 20
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EA Sports Release New And Improved Career Mode For FIFA 20

FIFA 20 is just around the corner and EA have now revealed what the new features for career mode will be on this year’s edition of the game.

For the first time ever players will be able to make a female manager for career mode, meaning women gamers will finally be able to play as themselves on the game, as the game allows for the most customization on manager appearance.

As EA say gamers will be able to, “Create and customise your manager with more options than ever before. Change body type, skin tone, clothing, and hairstyles, and create female managers for the first time in FIFA.”

They’ll be a wide array of manager ‘looks’ this year. Image: EA Sports

As well as being able to give your ‘avatar’ it’s own unique look, that means you’ll be able to better represent yourself, you’ll be able to change outfits throughout the season.

Of course EA’s own example of how different managers can look suggests that beige might be the most ‘exciting’ the colour scheme gets.

How your manager looks might be the least of your worries though as managers will have to take extra care when talking to the press about their players.

The manager sitting down for a press conference. Image: EA Sports

FIFA 20 will include more immersive press conferences, one-to-one cats and team talks and they will all affect a players morale, and thus how they perform on the pitch.

The ‘story-lines’ within a career will also be determined by all the interactions the manager has with difference people and keep managers on their toes.

Managers will also be able to help determine a players potential and also stop the ‘ageing’ of an older player as they head towards retirement.

A players potential will increase for upcoming seasons if they play well and are getting regular game time. That means young players will be able to get even better and older players will be able to slow down the process of getting worse, simply by playing well.

The new ‘Dynamic UIs’ will bring a more realistic look to the game screens for the Premier League, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, LaLiga Santander and MLS.

Finally your career highlights will feature on the News Feed with new Live News Screenshots from matches you play.

That means you’ll be able to see shots from the incredible things you’ve done and have it created as news article on your feed, bask in your own glory.

Are you excited for FIFA 20.

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