Dejan Lovren Brags About Elbowing Sergio Ramos On Instagram
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Dejan Lovren Brags About Elbowing Sergio Ramos On Instagram

Sergio Ramos and Dejan Lovren have become embroiled in a bit of a feud of late and it got even spicier last night.

After Croatia recorded a last-gasp 3-2 win over Spain in the UEFA Nations League game in Zagreb last night, Lovren bragged about elbowing the Spain skipper and called Spain players “pussies” in an Instagram live video.

“Elbowed him good,” the Liverpool defender said while making an elbow gesture in reference to a challenge on Ramos, who scored the equaliser in the game.

“Haha! 3-2! Go ahead and talk now, buddy. Buddy! They are a bunch of pussies.”

Lovren then pointed to the Croatia flag on his shirt and said, “Only this side is worthy. Now to beat England and walk out like a boss!”

The former Lyon centre-back even posted the picture of the incident and captioned it: “Good Morning Croatia’ on his Instagram to continue his war of words with Ramos.

Recently, Lovren took a swipe at Ramos and says the former Sevilla man makes more mistakes than him, they just aren’t highlighted the same.

“If you look, Ramos, he has many more mistakes than me but he’s at Real Madrid,” Lovren said (via Sport English).

“With [Cristiano] Ronaldo, when you make a mistake, it’s 5-1, 5-2 and nobody sees the mistake. I’m quite unlucky, when I make the mistake it’s 1-0.”

Ramos responded but stressed he didn’t want to get into it with Lovren.

“I’ve said it many times,” he said (via Daily Mirror). “I don’t know if these things are said out of frustration or for other reasons.

“I’m not going to answer Lovren or whoever wants to win three front pages or start the news bulletin.

“Everyone wins things for himself on the pitch.”

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