Armed Robbers Have Stolen 638 Boxes Of Panini Stickers
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Armed Robbers Have Stolen 638 Boxes Of Panini Stickers

Criminals have broken into a printing factory in Argentina and stolen 638 boxes of Panini stickers.

The crime was committed at printing press located on the border between Carapachay and Munro, Vicente Lopez, in Argentina.

Each box of the 638 stolen has ten packages. On sale to the public, each package with five figurines costs 15 pesos.

The total number of stickers stolen is 31900 – you could certainly fill up a fair few books with that.

Credit: Panini

The break-in occurred last Saturday at the Editora de Figuritas SA firm, located in Mariano.

According to the police report, the manager of the factory said tha he arrived at work and then was intercepted by several armed criminals who were on the hunt for the stickers.

A police source said (translated) via La Naicon:“The attendant and two other employees were caught and in one vehicle, the criminals loaded a pallet with 638 boxes of figurines, each box has ten packs, and the kiosks and items were stolen, too.”

Rumour has it the criminals still haven’t found a Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo one.

The crime goes to highlight the craze of Panini stickers – a very addictive sticker-book collection series which comes out just before each World Cup.

It’s fair to say, supporters do love their sticker collections:

Have you ever heard of such a bizarre story involving Panini stickers?

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