Argentinian TV Show Holds Minute’s Silence After Nation’s 3-0 Defeat To Croatia
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Argentinian TV Show Holds Minute’s Silence After Nation’s 3-0 Defeat To Croatia

A sports show in Argentina has reacted to their nation’s unexpected loss to Croatia in a very peculiar way.

The South American side fell apart to a supposedly weaker Croatia in Group D of the World Cup.

Ante Rebic opened the scoring with a tremendous volley from inside the area, after Willy Caballero calamitously misjudged a lobbed pass to a teammate and it perfectly fell into the attacker’s path.

Luka Modric doubled Croatia’s lead with a brilliant strike from distance. This was before Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic sealed all three points with a close-range finish, after the European’s broke free and punished Argentina’s desperate attempts to find a goal late-on.

Now Argentina, the two-time World Cup winners, are dangerously close to getting knocked out the competition, with their unconvincing draw against Iceland and now this sizable loss to Croatia putting them third place in the group.

They have to beat Nigeria, a team who lost 2-0 to Croatia, and hope that other results go their way. It’s not the ideal situation Argentina or star player Lionel Messi want to be in.

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The reaction to Argentina’s terrible World Cup form had hit hard back at the homeland.

Sports newspaper Ole ran with a picture of Messi looking dejected on their front page, alongside the headline: ‘Broken.’

And Argentine sports journalist Fernando Niembr did not hold back in his assessment of last night’s game. He feels, perhaps unfairly, that the blame falls at the door of Messi.

He said via Marca: “Messi owns the Argentina team.”

“He is the coach of the Argentina team and what he decided to do is play his friend and this is the result of putting your friends.

“A weak team, a team that isn’t what it can be, a team without heart.

“Messi we asked for heart. You are the best player, when a team fails what you ask of the best player is that you dig deep and you couldn’t even do that.”

But this doesn’t come close to what happened on Argentinian sports show Tyc Sports.

The programme’s host and guests appearing on the programme decided that it would be appropriate to hold a minute’s silence, following the side’s defeat on Thursday night.

You can watch the video below.

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