Anthony Joshua Predicts How Jarrell Miller Fight Will Go In Rap
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Anthony Joshua Predicts How Jarrell Miller Fight Will Go In Rap

Anthony Joshua revealed another of his talents as he rapped all about his upcoming debut in America, at Madison Square Garden, and revealed how he thinks the fight in June will go down.

Everyone was hoping that Anthony Joshua’s next fight would be against either Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury, they’ve been hoping he’d be fighting one of the other two current heavyweight champions for a while now.

Instead of the date at Wembley, that was booked for April, the 2012 Olympic champion will head to America to make his debut in the US for his first fight outside of the UK.

AJ will step into the hallowed arena of Madison Square Garden in New York on June 1st where he will face Jarrell ‘Baby’ Miller, the man ranked 2nd in the WBA rankings and third in the WBO’s.

Miller’s record stands at 23-0, with one draw in his fifth fight as a professional, but hasn’t come up against anyone close to Joshua’s class before.

The American is known for his big mouth and he’s already run it against AJ. Now the British boxer has hit back. Speaking on the Shade 45 channel on SiriusXFM the undefeated Brit rapped his prediction singing:

“Find me fighting on June 1st, at MSG, Lyrical MC, In NYC, Holding it down, Eyeing the clown, I’m ready to rebound, I’m gonna knock Miller out around the eighth round.

“He can’t run with the champ, I lick him down like a stamp, I’m gonna knock his head down with a clamp.”

It’s not like AJ to be so ‘combative’ on the microphone ahead of his fights, the talk ahead of most of his profile bouts has been very respectful, but the American shoved him in the first press conference ahead of the fight:

It certainly could prove to be an exciting few months in the build up to the fight but unless Miller can really get under his skin, as Dillian Whyte did ahead of his fight with Joshua, then it should be an easy enough night for the Londoner.

Will AJ take as long as eight rounds to end the fight with Miller?

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